Fried Wonton Strips

A how-to guide for homemade Fried Wonton Strips, plus the option of cinnamon sugar wonton chips for a treat! These crispy flakey strips are a tempting appetizer, snack or topping and they are incredibly easy to make!

Serve them over this Chinese Chicken Salad for a premium salad upgrade!

Overhead photo of crispy wonton strips on a rectangular platter.

Wonton Strips or Cinnamon Sugar Chips!

If you want a highly satisfying pop-able snack that actually has so many other uses I highly recommend you enter the world of homemade wonton strips!

They are the ultimate salad topping, an excellent appetizer to Chinese food, and they even double as a dessert when tossed into cinnamon sugar after frying.

This is a semi-homemade recipe because they begin with the shortcut of store-bought wonton wrappers (and you can even use egg roll wrappers just as well). The process is super simple, you just cut them into strips and deep fry in pre-heated oil until golden brown. Then you drain them on paper towels and season them with salt or cinnamon sugar.

It's also a great know how recipe for when you make wontons or egg rolls and have extra wrappers to use up so they don't go wasted. And you don't have to cut into strips, you can cut squares or rectangles as well and just use them like you would tortilla chips for dipping (in salsa, hummus, beans, guacamole, etc.).

The cinnamon sugar version would make a highlighting finish to the meal paired with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce for a real splurge, it's too good! Cinnamon sugar wonton chips shown from above.

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