Baked French Toast

Baked French Toast - A big family friendly size batch of homemade French toast! Made with bakery soft French bread soaked in a rich and cinnamon-y egg custard, all baked together in a single baking dish, then it's cut into individual slices or squares to serve.

Baked french toast cut into individual slices.

Easy French Toast Bake

The great thing about this baked French toast recipe that sets it apart from others is that there's no need to soak the French toast overnight or even for hours in the fridge. It's baked right after it's prepared.

And this version doesn't require chopping into small cubes or adding a crumble topping (like a French toast casserole, which can be delicious but requires more effort). This version is very similar to the real thing (like this French toast) and it's also rich and delicious like bread pudding (just not as sweet and custard-like).

The process is almost the same as making a typical batch of French toast. You cut stale bread into slices, soak it in an egg custard briefly then instead of frying on a hot griddle you just align all the slices together in rows in a baking dish and bake it together in the oven. No tending to and turning individual slices.

It's creates a delicious holiday brunch or it makes a fun choice for a lazy Sunday breakfast, and any extra will be a treat for breakfast before work on Monday! Top it with maple syrup or try it with Buttermilk Syrup for a real splurge.

Baked french toast in a white baking dish.

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