Greek Chicken Bowls

A loaded Greek Bowl with pan seared chicken, nutritious quinoa, a healthy Greek salad, tangy feta, plus creamy tzatziki and hummus. It's an excellent dinner while any extra will be awaiting for lunch the following day.

Close up photo of healthy Greek bowl.

Greek Chicken Bowl

I've shared Greek chicken bowls before but they called for marinated and grilled chicken. I wanted a simpler weeknight and winter friendly version that was just as delicious, so created this stovetop variation.

They are still brimming with flavor, abundant in fresh goodness, and it's all about those sauces (they include both tzatziki and hummus and it makes all the difference).

It's a one bowl meal you can feel great about serving as it includes a whole grain, a complete protein, healthy fats (olive oil and avocado), and a tons of vegetables. And of course we throw some cheese in there because feta adds so much flavor.

Also try the other variations I've shared below (you can swap out things like quinoa for rice, avocado for olives, and parsley for mint). It's a versatile Greek bowl that's sure to satisfy without leaving you feeling weighed down.

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