Examples of Algorithm Understanding Questions


Examples of Algorithm Understanding Questions

We've given you a little intro to algorithms, and a few examples. Now before we go further, we want to hear what algorithms you can think of. Leave a comment below answering one or more of these questions, and check out what other students wrote:
  1. What algorithms do you use in everyday life? Do you think you could write a program to make them more efficient?
    The algorithm that is commonly used everyday is the Natural languages ​​algorithm. Writing Natural Language Algorithms uses languages ​​that are easily understood by humans. As an example. How to make coffee, how to cook eggs, how to light a lamp, or the other. Of course we can write a program to make the activity more efficient. For example, the program turns on the lights, we can make sensors that have a program if there is light then the lights go out, and if there is no light or dark then the lights will turn on.

  2. What algorithms do you think are used by your favorite games and apps?
    I think the algorithm used by games and some applications is pseudocode and flowchart. Before making a Pseudocode, it may be necessary to make a flowchart so that the writing uses easy-to-understand language, especially when presenting to clients. After a flowchart is created, a new pseucode will be created. Pseudocode is written with codes so that it will be easy to implement it into a game or program. One algorithm that I am familiar with using pseudocode is Google Panda. Google Panda is a big change in the ranking algorithm of Google's search results which was first released in February 2011.
  3. Have you ever made an algorithm for a program? What did it do? Was it correct and efficient
    I once made an algorithm and implemented it into a program and it was efficient. One of them is making a natural language algorithm to calculate the geometry of space that I implemented into a program to calculate the geometry of space.
    The command is as follows:
    • Insert the base
    • Enter height
    • Area = ½ base * height
    • Write the area.
    In addition, I have also implemented an algorithm for my blog. For example, I made navigation on my blog. for example if the user clicks enter a keyword in the search menu. Then several articles related to that keyword will appear.

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