Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Cinnamon Roll Cookies - A deliciously buttery, super soft cream cheese sugar cookie, swirled with mesmerizing cinnamon sugar and finished with a sweet vanilla glaze! These delectable cookies taste just like a cinnamon roll!

Sliced soft cream cheese cinnamon roll cookies showing pretty cinnamon sugar swirl.

Soft Cake-Like Cinnamon Roll Cookies

I made many batches of these cookies until I finally perfected them and achieved that true cinnamon roll flavor and a similar soft texture to what you get from a real cinnamon roll. The secret was to infuse cream cheese into the cookie dough (rather than making a thick sticky frosting that only covers the pretty design of the cookies). It added great flavor and improved overall texture.

These super tender, melt-in-your-mouth cookies have a fluffy Lofthouse cookie style softness. And their flavor is light tangy, deeply cinnamony, richly buttery, and highlighted with vanilla.

The cookie dough itself isn't very sweet but once you layer it with brown sugar and cinnamon and finish them with a sweet icing it has just the right level of sweetness you hope to get from a cookie.

Just plan ahead with these cookies. You'll need some time for the dough to chill so it's not overly sticky to work with and time to allow the icing to set. They'll make a great weekend baking project.

And fortunate tasters will be smitten with their reminiscent cinnamon roll flavor!

Cinnamon roll cookies piled on a blue plate on a wooden surface.

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