Christmas Tree Charcuterie Board

A bounteous and beautiful Christmas Tree Charcuterie Board! Made with a generous amount of flavorful cheeses, vibrantly colorful fresh fruit, crunchy nuts, bite size salami coins, and rich Italian olives.  It's an ideal starter for large holiday gatherings.

Christmas Tree Charcuterie Board

Easy Charcuterie Christmas Tree

A charcuterie board has never been so fun to make! Everything you get in a traditional charcuterie board shaped into a festive Christmas tree!

It's simple to assemble, it just takes a little bit of chopping and some basic artistic planning.

This is a family friendly charcuterie board and it's adaptable in swapping out some of the things I've shown here for things you may already have. The idea is just to stick to that simple red, green and white/yellow theme for those classic Christmasy colors. Then of course just keep the "Christmas tree" shape as you go.

A delicious holiday project that may just become a new family tradition at each yearly holiday gathering!

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