How to Cook Tasty My Grilled Pizza: Buldak | Korean Spicy Chicken

My Grilled Pizza: Buldak | Korean Spicy Chicken.

My Grilled Pizza: Buldak | Korean Spicy Chicken You can cook My Grilled Pizza: Buldak | Korean Spicy Chicken using 15 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of My Grilled Pizza: Buldak | Korean Spicy Chicken

  1. It's of Gochugaru, 1/4 Cup Adjust To Preference.
  2. You need of @chillibellasg's Korean Chili Paste / Gochujang, 2 TBSP Adjust To Preference.
  3. It's 1 TBSP of Soy Sauce,.
  4. It's of Sesame Oil, 2 TBSP + More For Cooking & Grilling.
  5. Prepare 1 TBSP of Pure Honey,.
  6. Prepare 5 Cloves of Garlic Finely Minced,.
  7. You need of Ginger Finely Minced, 1".
  8. Prepare Pinch of White Pepper,.
  9. It's Pinch of Dried Mushroom Powder,.
  10. You need Pinch of Smoked Sea Salt,.
  11. You need of Chicken Breast Skinless Boneless Diced Into 1" Cubes, 2 Chicken Breasts.
  12. Prepare of Grilled Pizza Dough, 4 Dough Balls.
  13. It's of Low Moisture Mozarella Diced, A Good Handful.
  14. Prepare 1 Handful of Scallions Finely Chopped,.
  15. You need Pinch of Black Sesame,.

My Grilled Pizza: Buldak | Korean Spicy Chicken step by step

  1. You can check out my previous recipe for the grilled pizza dough..
  2. In a large mixing bowl, add chili flakes, chili paste, soy, oil, honey, garlic, ginger, pepper, mushroom and salt. Mix until well combined. Add in the diced chicken. Massage and coat the chicken thoroughly with your hands. *It is best if you are wearing gloves.*.
  3. In a skillet over medium heat, drizzle in some sesame oil. Once the oil is heated up, add in the chicken mixture. Immediately, rinse the bowl with 1/4 cup of warm water. Pour the water mixture into the skillet with the chicken. Cover and cook for 7 to 8 mins. *Check at 5 mins mark to prevent any burning. The chicken breast should be cooked thru' with tender juiciness and not tough and dry.*.
  4. Remove from heat and set aside. Once you have rolled out your pizza dough, brush the dough with sesame oil using a pastry brush. *Remember to use a fork and gently poke all over. This is crucial as it will prevent the crust from puffing.*.
  5. In a griddle over medium heat, gently place in the dough oiled side down. Carefully and gently, using your hands to press down the dough to make sure the whole dough sits fully on the griddle. Brush the top with sesame oil. Grill until almost charred. Flip the dough. Immediately turn the heat down to medium-low..
  6. Spread the spicy chicken over the pizza dough evenly. When you think it is not enough, it is enough. Less is always more. Sprinkle mozzarella over the top, distributing them evenly. Again, less is more. Immediately cover the griddle to generate steam so that the cheese will melt. As soon as the cheese melts and the bottom is charred, remove the cover. Remove the pizza from heat and transfer onto a serving plate..
  7. Immediately. scatter scallions and black sesame over the top. Repeat the steps for the remaining pizzas. Slice and serve immediately..

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